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The process of drilling oil and gas wells generates two primary types of wastes - used drilling fluids and drill cuttings. Drilling fluids (also known as muds) are used to aid the drilling process; the fluid phase can be water, synthetic or natural oils, air, gas, or a mixture of these components. Muds are circulated through the drill bit to lubricate and cool the bit, control the formation fluid pressures and to aid in carrying the drill cuttings to the surface, where the muds and cuttings are separated by mechanical means.

Muds consist of a base fluid and various solid and liquid additives to allow for good drilling performance. Some of the additives introduce potentially toxic compounds into the fluids, which must be considered when the resulting wastes are managed. The main pollution of spent muds are caused by: biocides, oil, completion or stimulation fluid components, corrosion inhibitors, reservoir fluids (crude oil, brine), and drilling mud chemical components.

As per GPCB guidelines and regulation we collect all of generated waste in safe manner and transport the same by GPCB authorised transporter to valid authorised TSDF site for treatment.