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METP: Mobile Effluent Treatment Plant

Water is one of the most important natural resource that is one of the basic necessities in human life. Water is used for a number of purposes, but it is used mainly for drinking. Apart from household uses, it is also use for several industrial purposes.

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Seismic Survey 2D/3D

A seismic source-such as sledgehammer-is used to generate seismic waves, sensed by receivers deployed along a preset geometry (called receiver array), and then recorded by a digital device called seismograph.

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Waste Management Services

The process of drilling oil and gas wells generates two primary types of wastes - used drilling fluids and drill cuttings. Drilling fluids (also known as muds) are used to aid the drilling process.

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Hazardous Waste Pre-processing

CVSMSPL receives hazardous waste from various industrial sectors like Oil & Gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. having different physical and chemical properties.

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List of Other SERVICES

  • Mobile Effluent Treatment Plant (METP)
  • All Types Of Seismic Survey 2D/3D
  • All Types Of Waste Management
  • Provision of Security Guard Services
  • Clean Water Supply
  • GPCB related Services
  • Mud Disposal Services
  • Provision Of Mud Products, Mud Engineering Services And Solid, Control Services
  • Re-cleaning of side
  • All types of civil work
  • Generator on rental basis (DG set)
  • Bunk house on rental basis
  • Mobile portable lighting tower on rental base
  • Nitrogen Pumping Unit on rental base
  • Car on rental bas
  • Environment monitoring
  • All type of Industrial materials supply
  • All type of Safety materials supply
  • All type of Industrial Equipments on rental base
We do deal in sell / rental
  • Bunk House
  • Generators
  • Machineries
  • Road Construction’s Equipments
  • Water Tank, Diesel Tank
  • Cars on rental base
  • Air Conditions

Industrial equipment & spares on rental
  • Spiral Drill Collars
  • Mud Pump
  • High Pressure Rubber Hose
  • Hammer Union
  • Electrical Cables
  • Safety materials
  • Bunk House on rental/Sale
  • Fasteners
  • Tools and spares

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