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Chetankumar Shah


Mr Chetan Shah oversees the performance of the company as a whole and maintaining the overall performance of the company and in particular the departments within. He also producing and planning strategic operating plans and objectives for the long-term future.

Also ensuring all short term targets has been achieved. He is keeping in regular contact with the board of directors and to maintain a positive relationship. His vision is to overseeing their specific department such as Finance and Marketing.

He also maintaining the role of a specified decision make within the department, Analyzing and evaluating the efficiency of day to day tasks within the departments and ensuring all objectives are being met.

Role at CVS Oil & Gas:

  • Ensuring the company’s strategic objectives and plans which have been set are being met.
  • Analyzing and monitoring the progress of its employees towards achieving the objectives and targets set.
  • Appointing or hiring senior managers for certain departments such as Finance and Marketing.

CVS Multi Services Pvt. Ltd

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all type of industrial equipments and material suppliers, also deal with the all type of safety materials.